About Us

Radio Guide is leader in reliability engineering software, education, and related services focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to the Students in areas such as LTE & NR protocol testing and devlopment, RF optimization and RF drive test.


  Radio Guide Service vision is to emerge as one of the leading organisation globally which is recognisable for its Integrity, teamwork, innovation and Performance.

  We will make this happen by creating employment opportunities across the globe.


  To grew as a brand leader in I.T Sector by providing quality services to our Students by creating a win-win situation.

  Radio Guide Service solutions committed to making businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable today and into the future.

Our Highlights and Unique Feature

  Training by industrial experts on real time tools, which only we provide in Hyderabad.

  Interview skill development and mock interviews.

  Practical tool explanation with interview concepts.

  Online classes for lockdown period.

  On job technical assistance by experts.