Drive test Engineer

RF Drive test Engineer deals with testing of Radio Frequency signals of LTE(4G), WCDMA(3G), GSM(2G) signals in mobile communications. It is a basic level training excellent for fresh graduate who are willing to start there carrier in the field of telecommunication. Our course includes practical on live networks like Airtel, Jio, VIL giving an insight in telecommunication industry.

Our Training Program Include :

Introduction to Radio Frequency

  • FDMA
  • TDMA
  • CDMA

GSM (2G) Architecture

  • BTS and its functions
  • BSC and its functions
  • MSC, HLR, VLR, EIR, AUC and properties

EDGE (2.5G) Architecture

  • Data flow
  • GPRS services

GSM (2G) Drive tes

  • Voice call testing
  • SMS testing
  • DATA testing

GSM (2G) Report making

  • Report making using Mapinfo and excel
  • Common issues and troubleshooting

WCDMA (3G) Architechture

  • Introduction to NodeB
  • RNC and functions

WCDMA concepts

  • Frequency reuse
  • Scrambling Codes

WCDMA (3G) Drive test

  • Voice call testing
  • Data testing
  • Video Call testing
  • MMS testing

WCDMA ( 3G) Report making

  • Report making using MapInfo and Excel
  • Common issues and troubleshooting

LTE (4G) Long Term Evolution

  • LTE architecture
  • Introduction to ENB
  • MME (Mobility management Entity)

LTE concepts

  • LTE channels
  • LTE CA

LTE Drive test

  • Data testing
  • VoLTE testing
  • LTE - CA testing

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